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Man-at-Arms Lord Jinkx Abaddon, Of Darkmoon, Iron Mountains

”What did you learn?”



Growing up Jinkx was always into heroes, his mother would always tell him stories of great warriors and heroes. Growing up he also was put down a lot was always told he would never become a Warrior he would never be a great fighter. He finally become of age you left a small village he grew up in and set out to make a name for himself when he came to Darkmoon The people there were friendly to him. In a short amount of time he grow very fond of the people there making new friends, starting to make a small name of himself. People notice him, and accepted him. It wasn't until he meet a few people that was mentor him to make him a batter fighter, Bruin Volarn and Viadra Moonblade. With a little of their Guidance jinx was able to but up a small fight when fighting others. Fighting companies were starting to notice Jinkx for it. The Black Harts wanted him in their group and there he stayed, but Jinkx story doesn't end there. Jinkx became belted into his mentor. Even thought he was able to fight a little even though he had a name there past of his past come to haunt him. Someone told him that they don't ever seeing him to be a great worrier. Jinkx had every flash back of his family by blood tell him the same that he would never be anything that's when Jinkx had a thirst to fight, to be one of the best fighters. He wanted to be a warrior where his name one Jinkx Abaddon would give top warrior the respect that he wanted. Now Jinkx Abaddon has a goal, a mission, a thirst to show and prove he can be a great fighter, a great warrior where others would respect him or fear him when he steps on the battle field. Jinkx Abaddon. A warrior forged in the heat of battle. But unlike so many others that had no choice but to fight or die, Jinkx chose to cast himself into the flames. When he was a youth, his family told him to put away silly things like toy swords. They told him he would never be a warrior. Even then, even when age had yet to leave a mark on his soul, he rebelled against their certainty. He wanted to know why. Why couldn’t he be a warrior? Not his father nor his mother could give him a proper answer. Things like societal status and birthrights meant nothing to his aspiring heart. Jinkx would sneak away, every chance he got, and practice with the straightest branch he could find. His siblings caught him once, made fun of him and told him he’d never be a warrior, let alone a good fighter. They even betrayed him to his parents. The beating he received only served to solidify his resolve. He made sure they never followed him again, his first lesson in stealth. Finally, he came of age and left the town he grew up in, turning away and never looking back. He would make a name for himself in spite of his family. As he ventured, he watched tournaments in every town he came across. The fights were more brutal than he expected, but it never shook his resolve. Jinkx even managed to get into a bar brawl one night, walking out the victor and feeling confident in his prowess. His wonderings eventually led him to the Dutchy of Darkmoon, in the Kingdom of the Iron Mountains. There people welcomed and accepted him. When he told them he wanted to be a warrior, and proved his words by fighting alongside them on the practice field, they didn’t tell him he couldn’t. Instead they took note of his enthusiasm. Fighting actual foes, with armor and weapons, that weren’t intoxicated by mead proved a challenge. Still he didn’t back down or get discouraged. As he made friends in his new home and grew fonder of the citizens, he was offered guidance by two noted warriors. Count Bruin Valorn and Baroness Viadra Moonblade. They mentored him in the ways of battle and he began to garner attention on the battlefield. Fighting companies took note of his accomplishments, and shortly after he was approached to join the Black Harts. There he stayed, but his journey wouldn’t end there. Jinkx was offered a belt by his mentor, Count Bruin, who told him he would show him the ways of the shadows. To move like the dark and fight like the wind. Jinkx accepted, but it didn’t stop his past from coming back to haunt him. One day, while out on the field, he was told that he’d never be a great warrior. He had flashbacks to the family he would only claim through blood, of them telling him he would never be a fighter and holding him back from his destiny. A thirst grew inside of him. One that any who paid attention could see when he fought. It grew into a drive that was unmistakable. A drive to accomplish his goals, either through respect or fear. To be the most powerful warrior he could possibly be, to carve his name into the very bones of the Iron Mountains, and to make his enemies quake when he walked out onto the battle field.

Affiliated Groups

Tal'Mare'Ra - Founder

Belted Family

Man-at-Arms to Squire Bruin Valorn

Sir Michael Hammer of God
XII:Sir Agustus (Crown)

Notable Accomplishments

May 13, 2017 was appointed the title Lord

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