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A Chapter of the Wetlands, located in Conroe, Texas.

Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom Wetlands
Status Duchy
City Conroe, TX
Park Kasmiersky Park
Meets on Sundays @ noon
Founded 2002
Active '




A strongly role-play oriented group, Ironwood's park is growing with old and new members each week.The players are friendly and love to quest.

Each week there are plenty of events that are happening. We include Role-Playing aspects each week, A&S demonstrations each month, and many different forms of fighting (including ditching, battlegames and full quests).

Our Park is now a Duchy and is becoming the place to be within the Wetlands. Ironwood is known for its hospitality and availability for hosting Monarchs and Kingdom level one-day events.

On a mundane note: restrooms, water fountains, two large covered pavilions, a skate-park, a dog park and a children's playground are available, and lend to the more family oriented atmosphere of this park.

There is a Kroger and other amenities at I-45 and 336 South, on your way in.

Current Monarchy

The current monarchy is supporting the ongoing trend of family oriented activities, promotion of A&S with themed competitions, promotion of the Rules of Play 8.0+, amusing - rather than totally dry - courts, public acknowledgment of achievement wherever possible, and in general, having fun.


Calendar of Events for Ironwood: NOTE: Dates without events are still park days! 12/30 - New years pot luck! Join us for a feast to bring luck and fellowship into the new year!

1/6 - Ironwood relic quest! Mishka and Kelthar have put together a great quest for you guys! Grab all the relics you can!

1/20 - Fighting tournament hosted by our glorious champion Mishka!

1/27 - A&S tournament hosted by our wonderful regent Yikrenz!

2/10 - Archery tournament and archery dodgeball! Dont forget your bow!

2/24- Fighting tournament hosted by our glorious champion Mishka!

3/24 - Ironwood Kingdom Visit! A&S tourney and pot luck!

3/31-Fighting tourney hosted by our glorious champion Mishka!

4/14- Arts in the park! Come show us what you can make!

4/28- Day of tourneys! Fighting tournament hosted by our glorious champion Mishka and A&S hosted by our regent Yikrenz!

5/5 - Opening intent for offices

5/19 - Fighting tournament hosted by our glorious champion Mishka!

6/2 - Ironwood End reign & Quals, A&S tournament hosted by our wonderful regent Yikrenz!

All dates are subject to change due to conflicts with Kingdom/Interkingdom calendar, etc.

Further information on each day and the associated activities is available on out Facebook group at Facebook logo.jpg

Photos from regular park meets as well as other Wetlands events are available for viewing through Photo Gallery.jpg

Contacts and Directions

We meet on Sundays at 12pm at Kasmiersky Park (889 Old Magnolia Road Conroe, TX 77304) , on the south west side of Conroe, Texas.

Here is the website for the park with a map.

For information on other chapters in Amtgard look here

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