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IKIYA, of Centerpoint in Rivermoor

”Who's IKIYA? I'm IKIYA!”




IKIYA started Amtgard in May 2004 at Truevale, which started as IM then became a core park at the formation of the Desert Winds after fighting with his older brother Duo in their backyard for three months. He now resides in Centerpoint (Kansas City area) and is now getting back into amtgard after 5 years of off and on appearances. He is usually found on the ditchfield fighting any sword knight, warlord, or top fighter he can find. As a collegiate coach in mundane life, he's always bounced around the country at different parks but they've always been role-play specific parks. He's always wishing to find a Warlord or Sword Knight to learn from, but never landing at the right school location to have any around. His favorite class is Peasant because they have no magic or abilities to dawn on, only a single sword. IKIYA says it a ton of fun when teams focus on peasants during battlegames.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Best in show at Desert Winds A&S tournament for Grilled Chicken Specialty
  • Winner of Rakis Assassin Tournament in '07
  • Winner of Rakis Assassin Tournament in '08
  • Winner of First 4 Truevale Weaponmaster Tournaments


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