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House Bus

Beep! Beep!


House Bus was started when Harold was hit by the first bus by being promoted from Kingdom Regent to Kingdom Monarch of the Wetlands.

Shortly thereafter Juju was forced to leave the offices of Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves and Baron of Granite Spyre by getting hit by the bus of the omsbudsman.

Upon vacating the position of Baron the provincial Regent, Corsy was hit by the promotion bus.

With the position of Guildmaster of Reeves now open the bus of appointment swerved just in time to hit Draggo Vindictus as the new Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves.

Noticing the sudden trend in bus traffic it was deemed that House Bus was needed, and was subsequently formed by those unfortunate individuals that had been struck by the busses of office.


Joining House Bus is as simple as getting hit by a bus!

If ever you find yourself struck by the bus of office due to being in a lesser position and being forced into promotion because the person above you vacated, or if you were appointed to fill a vacated position you may gain membership simply by petitioning.

More Information

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