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Hoshi Akuma, of Crimson Dawn in the Iron Mountains

"Awww Horse Sh!t!!


Rockin the 'hawks at Rakis '07 aka World of Rakis


Hoshi was lured into the game by Axysia in the summer of 2005, when they were co-workers. On his first day he enjoyed the sight of many people on a field doing what he came to love most. One man stood out to him and this man was Axysia's boyfriend Axys. Upon learning that the group also enjoyed Role playing games such as D&D and Star Wars D20, he became very close with their household known as House of Doom. After being intiated past the Pledge and Pleeb, at the mid-reign of Feb. 2006, due to his service to the household and legal drinking age. He became a full member of House of Doom at Rakis '07 aka. World of Rakis. He recently moved to South Gate Shire for a 7 month stint where he helds the title of defender or champion. He is currently back in Crimson Dawn and is still active.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Additional Images


Hoshi at the upper right corner with his favored weapon. Axys and Krell I believe in the bottom.


Ready! Aim! Fire! Wait! What was the first one again?!

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