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== Harefor of Aegir's Hall, Westmarch

Harefor leaping into battle against an unsuspecting Lurker at League at Arms



Harefor started Amtgard in the summer of 2011 in Aegir's Hall, Lodi, CA. He was the first pro-tem Monarch of the Shire of Aegir's Hall, and is the first elected Monarch of Aegir's Hall. Known for playing barbarian, and making great weapons, he is building a reputation as a solid fighter. A drunk with big emotions. Some events he is full of love and some he is the embodiment of hate. Once Harefor discovered mountain beer and climbed it.( a coors truck flipped). making experiment weapons is one of his favor past times. If the weapon is legal its not safe, if its illegal its the safe weapons on the field.

Affiliated Groups

=belt family

-sir Sindari -talentess -harefor -lute -thadess -52

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