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a Barony under Goldenvale in Central New York (Liverpool).





One of the oldest parks in the kingdom, it was founded in 1999 by Fionna, Telchar, Cordelia, and Gretchen. Former members from Haranshire have left the barony to form chapters in cities all over New York state.

A typical day at Haranshire consists of a small amount of sparring and line fights, a battlegame, and some sort of quest or roleplay scenario. When attendance is light, we spend a lot of time fighting and discussing our plans for A&S and upcoming events.

Our hours and location are subject to change when winter inevitably arrives. When the weather is dismal, we relocate to somewhere away from field and prioritize crafting and working on projects. Our facebook page will have all this publicly discussed in advance. Stay tuned there for weekly updates.


Atticky Andromeda Colt Mortemanus
Cordelia Ecthelion Gitana
Gymir Liz Mandy
Roywynn Serafi Silvana
Steve Talo Telchar
Wooky Wriel Zagan


Contacts and Directions

Haranshire meets every Saturday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, NY. We meet over by the skate park under the big tree. Easily visible from the road and close to parking and all other amenities.

Please contact Sir Colt for with any questions or concerns. He's happy to assist you.

Sir Colt: coltgv@gmail.com

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