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Sir Haggis Hoestroker.

”I am all for cash prizes for tournament wins”


Originally from the Sea of Rhye, Bitter Coast, Five Oaks, Currently resides in Dallas,Texas 2013-. Lived in Kingdoms: Goldenvale-2001-2009 Rising Winds-2009-2013 Emerald Hills- current

Affiliated Groups

As his nickname would imply, he is one of the Rogues.

Belted Family

Man at Arms Fezzik

Notable Accomplishments

Warlord / Sword Knight Knighted in September 2005 at Battle Cry '05

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Has been, from time to time, known as Haglock The Destroyer, he who responds with a grunt.
  • Haggis Hoestroker is the reincarnation of Artemis Widowmaker
  • Banned from being imported into the US UK is on Haggis's side

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