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The Guildmaster of Art is appointed by a Regent/Consort and is responsible for encouraging the interest, growth, and application of Artistic pursuits in an Amtgard group.

The Guildmaster of Art position is useful for two reasons:

1. It is useful, but not limited to, smaller chapters such as Freeholds, Shires, and Baronies who may rather combine the Guildmaster of Garbers, Guildmaster of Literature, Guildmaster of Minstrels, and Guildmaster of Theatre into one position, acting as a watchdog for these awards and as a resource person for education.

2. It is useful, but not limited to, larger chapters such as Duchies, Principalities, and Kingdoms to act as a deputy (sometimes along with the Guildmaster of Science) to the Regent/Consort to lighten the greater load of responsibility.

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