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Grand Duchess Dame Forest Evergreen of Eagleshire, the Emerald Hills

"I put the Dick in Bardic"

If yer not having fun yer doing it wrong!

I may be a joke stealing dick, but I can get shit done! - Forest Evergreen to Larin Moonstar

If Forest had an identical twin, I would totally punch Forest in the face to see if the twin felt it. Larin Moonstar on Forest Evergreen



Member of the Emerald Hills since September of 1992. Helped to start the radio broadcast "Radio Free Amtgard" on RedHawk Radio with co-host Larin Moonstar.

Received his Knight of the Flame at Clan in 2001, and his Knight of the Crown at Clan in 2009, and his Knight of the Serpent at World Banner Wars in 2013. Briefly lived in the Iron Mountains (Oct. 94 - March 95). Almost every year at Clan he hosts Forest War where he takes on some opponent (each with their army of allies)...

Recently Sir Feral Lynn wrote a song about why drinking Long island Iced Teas with Forest can be hazardous to your health.  :)

Always gets Constanzie so drunk that she can't remember hanging out with him.

Was elected to the office of Pope by the Council of Cardinals leading to the great Schism of 2013. He chose to adopt the name of Pope Nevron I in honor of the late Saint Nevron.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Grand Olympian in 1995 and in 1998. He was also the War Olympian in 1995. He was the second person to have been Grand Olympian twice, the first was Aramithris.


  • Learned that men aren't supposed to sit down when they pee, March 2011
  • Still sits down when he pees, April 2011
  • Puppet Master - Given by Sir Nevron Dreadstar June 2010
  • Was declared an Outlaw at King's Point in October 2011 while holding the position of King of The Emerald Hills


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