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Fireball is a spell used by:


Magic Ball



Range Ball
Incantation “The flame of fire is mine to evoke” x3
Materials Red Magic Ball
Effects Fireball will have one of the following effects on the object first struck:
  1. A weapon hit is destroyed
  2. A shield hit is subject to Shield Destroying
  3. Armor hit with Armor Points remaining is subject to Armor Destroying.
  4. A player hit receives a Wounds Kill Wound to that hit location.
Limitations or Restrictions

See Also:

Magic Balls
Bard: None
Druid: Entangle 1 · Iceball 2 · Force Bolt 4
Healer: Entangle 2 . Iceball 3 . Abeyance 5
Wizard: Force Bolt 1 · Entangle 2 · Suppression Bolt 2 · Iceball 3 · Lightning Bolt 3 · Fireball 4 · Phase Bolt 5 · Sphere of Annihilation 6
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