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The Dreaded Event Curse

This page is from players in their own words about 'the event curse'.


I've heard about the "Event Curse" and got to experience it first hand this weekend.

We were traveling by convoy to Bitter Coast on Saturday and got most of the way there when the car in front accidentally ran over a truck tire tread. The tread was kicked up and flew directly into our windshield, broke the windshield, wrapped around and blew out the passenger side window. Luckily my wife was facing the rear of the van and was not injured.


Well I can't say I had any accidents... but definitely mishaps.

On the way to Waco TX for an event, the grounding wire fell off one of the convoys car. When we found the problem (read: grabbed both ends of the wire) I picked up a large charge of energy... thankfully I had thick rubber soles on those shoes.

On the way back from Clan one year we blew out 3 good tires in an 8hr drive.

On the way back from a Neverwinter event, in the process of killing a really pesky mosquito I shattered my windshield.

Ok, I do remember one accident I had. But it was stupidity, and not a freak accident. After drinking all night the night before and fighting all day with no breaks and no food, 4 of us where in an accident because we where looking for restaurants and not traffic. Neither car was totaled, but my car did blow a fuse and had no power. So we had to wait for the next day to get the one special fuse. And the group of people that helped us with problem ended up locking their keys in the trunk of their car while we waited on the cop to finish his report.


Kudzu also had the back end of his polearm swing loose from a pickup truck, swing out into oncoming traffic, hit a truck, which pushed it back in place.


This isn't freak accident, but it's a funny story.

I was on my way to the airport (about 10 minutes away) to go to a Rising Winds event (I think it was their first coronation as a kingdom). Well, on the way we got a flat tire. So, naturally we were running late at the airport.

Well, it's September 11, 2003 (so only the anniversary). When we got to the airport, some people seemed like they were running around a bit crazy looking for something. We were thinking (hoping) that it was just nerves because of 9/11. Well, I am in line to check my bags, and I just happen to hear the woman behind the counter talking on the phone say my name. I told her who I was and asked her if she was looking for me. She hands me a boarding pass and tells me to go home. On the boarding pass she had written "Congratulations Daddy!"

It seems that just after I left the house, my wife-who had stayed behind because she was very pregnant-had her water break. She still had about a month to go, so we weren't expecting that to happen. She had called the airport, and everyone running around crazy was looking for me.

So, I rush home, and we pack up the car. She then informs me that NOW is the time. So, we get in the car, and I'm rushing to the hospital. It's rush hour traffic, so that doesn't help anything. However, anyone who knows my driving knows if anyone can do it, I can.

I got to the hospital on time, but I had only been there once (I was on deployment most of the pregnancy) so I went to the wrong spot. I ran inside and told the people at the counter what happened. I guess they didn't believe me, because it wasn't until I went in several more times to tell them that the baby was coming out that they actually made the calls to get help.

Well, my lovely wife delivered the baby by herself (with no help). I found the med team just strolling down the hallway, so I asked if they wanted to participate since the baby was already out. They went into high gear then, but as I said, it was too late to actually deliver the baby.

And you know what? Those bastards had the nerve to try to charge for the delivery.



Lets see, I had an accident on my way to an amtgard freinds house, shortly after amtgard, to do amtgard related things. In the back of a friends pick up, he runs a red light and gets hit, and I get tossed about 60 feet across the pavement. Best thing that happened to me. The broken c-7 and t-1 vertibrea were suprisingly unpainful, and I got to go to Knoblander, since I couldn't work(couldn't fight, but it was still a fun trip). Then I got a settlement check which bought me a car, so the next time I have an accident, it'll actually be my fault.


I was in the car with Glenalth and someone else driving from Albuquerque to where ever DS's kingdom seat is and glenalths transmition decided to die.so i think we drove a little while in like 2nd gear.


Any event that Squires Razor and Juicy have ever driven to, they have either had an accident or had the car break down...

It is a well known fact that to take them in your vehicle to an event is the equivalent of asking the AutoDemons to come strike you down. So always get cash up front from those two.


Driving back from a CK Crown Quals about 1994 or so I popped both of my rear tires on the way home, somewhere between where we had quals and Georgetown, TX, ya know, out in the middle of nowhere. My truck was loaded with gear and people. Fortunately I didn't lose control and no one was injured.

This was in the days before cell phones were wide-spread. Interesting that both popped and left four little long lines on both of them. It was a very un-fun experience.


Dan The Man, Moss, and myself drove out to Salt Wars couple years back, the old site had some bumpy roadness to it, so on the way in Dan's muffler got fubar'd a bit.

I noticed the smoke from the backseat on the way back, the heat melted the carpet off where the muffler was ejecting heat against the bottom of the car, and melted Moss's tuperware chainmaille box. I thought we were on fire, but luckily we weren't.


On our way to Thousand Stars about 3 years ago. We had a Chevy S-10 Blazer loaded to the gills with Amt-crap. Driveing from my house to Spokane should take about 5 hours. Well 2 hours into it the engine over heats. Long story short what should have been 5 hours to drive ended up being almost 9. We made event and tried to go home well 20 miles outside of Spokane- 84 miles from the site the engine blows and we had to have his parents and a car trailer come pick us up. We waited 5 hours in a town that had the Deliverance feel to it.

Last summer on our way back from Pac War in Moses Lake. We had right before we left town did a through once over on our van. My husband had ended up replaceing the fuel system from engine to feul tank. Even thing was going great with it. Til we were comeing home...the alternator seizes up and snaps the belt and it was al sorts not fun. Once again another 3 hour wait while my husbands boss shows up with the tow truck and takes us home.

Almost 4 years ago we were coming home from an Amtgarders mom's funeral and as we were about 30 minutes from home, I was driving, the timing belt broke and snapped all the exhaust valves in my husbands 94 Eclipse. Get that replaced a week later and as I was coming home from picking up a case of noodle from the Dollar Tree, #2 spark plug shot through #2 piston ending the life of that motor and car.

needless to say I not allowed to drive my husbands cars anymore.


Flying into Rakis last year we hit some righteous turbulance. The car rental place ran out of Jeep Liberty's and upgraded us no charge to a Commander.

By god! The trials and tribulations of my life.


The OK Cavalry struck a guard rail on the way to Clan in New Mexico at 70+ MPH.

I had climbed partly into the back seat to acquire some bean dip from my brother, who was hoarding it. Since I was no longer actually driving the car at this point, and our compatriot, Jack, was simply hitting me, the car swerved off the road into said guard rail.

The vehicle suffered extensive cosmetic damage, but the guard rail had simply bounced us back onto the highway. We continued to Clan, but I got to spend the thanksgiving break 8 to 10 hours a day learning how to fix cosmetic damage to a Volvo.

We also lost our pink yard flamingo mascot out there. If you see it, I'd like it back, btw.

Hell, no. I was not hoarding the bean-dip. Your giant, fat elbow was covering it up. Also, you destroyed my truck (twice!) out there. Ripped off the flex-tubing, three feet of exhaust, broke the catalytic converter and damaged the muffler. Next round totaled the S10 transporting the aluminum plate for armor for Clan.


Members of the Hand were heading up to Clan in a white hearse and liquified a deer... Gate gave them a standing ovation.

Little Raven

So we're trying to find the Clan site last summer. We drive, and drive, and drive, and suddenly there's a sign that says "Carrizozo, 3 miles". It was getting dark, so we turned back and headed intyo the canyon once more. Well, needless to say, it was now totally dark, so we could hardly see when suddenly our driver's mom screams. We almost hit a pickup truck head on; barely missed it by swerving and running the little Suzuki into a ditch. We were able to back out, and then proceeded to become even more lost until I saw another pick-up truck with poles in the back and an El Paso, TX license plate. We finally found the site after 9 hours.


On the way to Clan in the summer of 2000 in the back of Rigor Stormblades pick up, I drank his moonshine until I saw double images. Then a tire on his trailer blew, in the middle of the desert. So he left me to guard it with the case of Hiennekens we bought for sustinance. After a time passed of which I was unable to decern, some nice IM people showed up in a van with fruit salad. Rigor gave some wierd biker people a tatto in exchange for a tire that fit. .....the other time his truck fugged up we had to go home early and I caught some wierd ┬┤Andy┬┤ guy in bed with my girlfriend.


After one eventful Mudreign EH my brother and I were on our way into town to grab pizza instead of eating feast. On our way out of the event site we saw a headlight coming our way. Thinking some dumbass was driving a motorcycle out in the rain I moved over a little so they could pass. We eventually realized that the light wasnt moving our way so we moved up the road to see if they needed help. What we wound up finding was a truck half submerged in about 5 feet of water. Nobody was in the truck so we left and grabbed our pizza. 3 weeks later we were telling stories about our little truck finding and TuK! just happened to chime in "yeah that was my fuckin truck."

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