Emerald Glades

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Amtgard Chapter
Emerald Glades.jpg
Emerald Glades
Kingdom Rising Winds
Status shire
City Medina, Ohio
Park Memorial (Jump) Park
Meets on Saturdays 1pm
Founded 2015
Active Yes

A Rising Winds shire, located in Medina, Ohio




Founded in May 2015 by Raten Firewalker

Accepted into The Rising Winds in March 2016


Monarch: Azalin


Prime Minister: Cutter Reed


GMR: Flail Snail


Flail Snail Kaze Zerphyrus
Raten Firewalker Servrish
Valrock Zeus McDaniels
Kaltorian Azalin
Liverbucket Persona
Pidgeon Sarjenka
Tay Aluc
Cyan Cutter Reed
Kitsune Snowatcher

Contacts and Directions

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kuharrw at gmail dot com

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