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A shire of Winter's Edge, located in Trenton, South Carolina



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East Wind Castle has been going strong with live steel and other events since before 2005. EastWind as an Amtgard chapter was founded in June 2014. We had some of your Winters Edge veterans, 7 in all come to EastWind and hold a Orientation Training day 7/19/14. We had 28 on the roster, 20 of them EastWinders. We enjoyed it so much we have decided to create our own.

Also, Crystalline Chronicles Amtgard event will be held here in oct. at EastWind castle. We are hoping to have 30 + strong by then to add to Adventure.



Sheriff Keliance's E-Mail

Contacts and Directions

East Wind meets at 527 Johnston Hwy on Sunday afternoons

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