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Way Dancer
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Dephen Rhea of Drifting Winds, Dragonspine



Dephen Rhea began her first steps in Amtgard at the Citadel of the Two Rivers in the summer of 2000. It was there that she met both Xolan and Sathallarin, whom she later married. During this time, Dephen Rhea placed first in the champion's tourney, although the position was denied her by monarch's vote of confidence, in favor of the monarch's soon to be spouse. This accomplishment was documented by the reeves guild, and led to Dephen Rhea's eventual relocation to the kingdom of the Emerald Hills.

At Emerald Hills Midreign in 2002, a very pregnant Dephen was accompanying her husband, Sathallarin, to Elven court, when they were attacked by Larin Moonstar and Sir Sparhawk of the Emerald Hills. Although obviously pregnant and a non-combatant, Dephen was attacked and knocked to the ground by Sir Sparhawk, who refuses to apologize for his actions to this day. Dephen Rhea left Amtgard after the "Sathallarin Incident", feeling that it was because her husband demanded an apology from Sir Sparhawk that the incident even occurred. Four years later, Dephen Rhea returned to Amtgard, and was the Guildmaster of Druids for the Kingdom of Crystal Groves before moving on once again with her husband Sathallarin. She now resides with him in AZ as the Prime Minister of the Shire of the Drifting Winds.

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She is a Wardancer.

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