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Lord Demitri Kincaid, of Ashen Hills, Rising Winds

”What a dick!” -Demitri


Demitri making his trademark stupid looks while fighting


Balvog, Nameless, and Demitri, the original heroes of Ashen Hills


Demitri originally started playing around 1994 in Shrouded Valley, of the Valley of the Silver Rains. After a couple of months, he moved back to his home state of Michigan, and began playing the game with his old friends. Eventually Ashen Hills was formed out of that original few.

Being so secluded from other places, they developed a fighting style that was unique, which surprised the Rising Winds at their first Barony event. Ashen Hills joined the "Loose confederation of shires" at this time, and was at events consistently for many years.

Over time the older members moved on to other things, and newer players slowly began to take over his home park. In 2007, realizing that all of his friends had left the game, and that the game had changed significantly, he left Amtgard. He still occasionally shows up to Discord to meet with friends from other places (when Kaads bothers him enough about it), but is no longer an active player. When he left, he changed his home park to Expendia, which now plays a larp designed by Nameless and Demitri.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founding Ashen Hills and being a leading presence there for about ten years.
  • Having his park win an Order of the Flame for being so prominent at (then) Barony events despite being so out of the way.
  • With Balvog as an accomplice, he managed to move the tent of Rigel Orionis into Hobbit's tent, and was finally discovered when Balvog was offered a place to sleep in there.
  • Bringing a ragtag team of under-geared players to the Rising Winds first Bridge Wars and winning it all using odd strategies and a very well timed Fight After Death. Noted that the Western Gate team they shattered before retrieving the flag, though it only had a couple of true Western Gate players on it. Someone on the team mentioned after that "They owed them" in reference to a failed raid on the park prior to the event.
  • Having his unit told at Winter War 2 that they were "Too bloodthirsty for their own good" after repeatedly disobeying their commanders and charging in. One of them died a poisoned flail.
  • The Ashen Hills team in the following 5-way battlegame tipped what was otherwise a predictable battle. They rallied a few of the weaker teams to take out the big cheating team that was planning on waiting for everyone to be unprepared and jump them. Inevitably they were the only team with players at the end, save the regenerating troll that was entrusted to one of their members when it's druid was killed.
  • Repeatedly rushing difficult quest monsters with his brother in arms, Balvog, as warriors with no enchantments or relics. They died a lot, but harassed the creatures far more than anyone expected them to.
  • Fighting alongside 9 other allies against 60 castle attackers at Discord 6(I think?). They were successful in their defense.
  • Breaking some jackass kid's tech sword with a big PVC 2-hander at Winter War 1. Only words uttered were "Your sword broke" before he walked away.
  • During a quest at a Rising Winds event, a team comprised of Demitri, Balvog, Kacoo, Elbrig~Thrice Damned, and a guy they picked up from another park managed to, at various points, run over every other team while completely ignoring the quest objectives. Then, after a somewhat confusing statement from the quest runners, initiated the infamous "Death March" when Demitri placed a decoy arrow made out of an enchantment strip to throw off anyone that might have followed them.
  • Being one of the leaders of the winning team at Knoblander 3. This was after the general switched sides, as well as all of his friends, and most of the opposing team somehow turned themselves into vampires for the last battles.
  • At Knoblander 4 he was part of the team that ditched their camp that was out in the sun for a shadier one that was sort of in a stream. After pulling out a win, they all enjoyed Krispy Kreme donuts that some lucky bastard was selling as a fundraiser. They also chanted "Burn our tents!" as the enemy army invaded the now abandoned campsite.
  • During a quest at his home park where he was an npc and a titan was destroying the town, he got really super pissed when it wrecked his "War Guild" and went toe-to-toe with it. He managed to peel off about half it's armor before it hit him, but then the rest of the town (mostly newer players) swarmed it and took it down.
  • Repeatedly played the role of "Rock" in the Huge Alliance, a group of recurring villains in Ashen Hills.

More Information

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