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Defunct Parks

This is a listing of Parks that have passed into legend, or at least pasted into the Past.


  • Cage Valley- No longer meets, but will rally when called.

Burning Lands

Celestial Kingdom

Principalities / Grand Duchies



  • Aradix (Panorama City, Ca) founded 5-8-94, 11-13-94 to barony, founded Crystaline confederacy w/ Rogues Haven under BL 7-13-97
  • Avalon's Gate (Austin)
  • The Eternal Tamarack (pacific northwest) founded late 1995
  • Lyceum (Bryan) founded early 1994 as a barony, early 1995 joined Mordengaard as a household.
  • Ragnarok (Killeen) shire pre mid 93, barony mid 1993, changed name to Dragon’s Haven early 1994
  • the Sable Tower (Conroe, Tx) founded early 1993 as barony, died late 1993
  • Osteltian Plains (Buda)
  • The Woodlands of the Kush (San Antonio) founded early 1993 as barony, died early 1994



Emerald Hills


Golden Plains

Iron Mountains


Rising Winds

Tal Dagore



Defunct Kingdoms

Defunct Grand Duchies

Defunct Places, of where-dy where

If you know where these places fit please add them to the above list.

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