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A Duchy of the Kingdom of the Iron Mountains, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our battlegames take place in terrain unknown to most parks. Just like you would figure Colorado has hills... our terrain has hills. Because of that our battlegames come to life in an interesting way. Everyone is invited stick jock and flurb alike. There is something here for everyone.

Hip Hip Huzzah.... Darkmoon Forever!





The Duchy of Darkmoon was started around 1998 by Artimus Dane, he and the Four Horsemen began fighting in the same park we still fight in. While Artimus has gone on to found Crimson Dawn in Canon City, the Duchy of Darkmoon has survived. The group has grown and shrunk as all groups do. But it is currently a solid Duchy with a normal populace of 25 - 35 individual sign-ins each week.

Given the large amount of military bases and companies associated with the military situated in Colorado Springs; Darkmoon has housed a large number of enlisted or formerly enlisted members of the US Military.


  • Arch Duke Bruin Valorn, Defender of the Iron Mountains
  • Baronet Illeria
  • Black Rabbit
  • Count Squire Quorpeck Kinderd
  • Duchess Squire Aeris Lockheart Kinderd
  • Keladry
  • Lady Herb Dandilion
  • Lord Darien
  • Lord Faitzhand
  • Lord Jinkx Taco Spice Abaddon
  • Marquess Viadra Moonblade
  • Omet Coatl
  • Anomily
  • Art
  • Avis Featherstone (Bird)
  • Baron Squire Owen Glendwagon
  • Crow, the Famous Iron Warrior
  • Devric Stormcrest
  • Diamond Kinderd
  • Elian
  • Jager
  • Jenrow
  • Konda Bronw Sugar Spice Kekoa
  • Krikierin
  • Kurai
  • Lokin Alexander
  • Magnhilde
  • Nathaniel Watter Irontusk
  • Ner'Du
  • Ulric Kampfer
  • Ursen
  • Wallus Russle IronTusk
  • Zahn Lentalar

Directions and Contacts

Darkmoon meets Saturdays at Palmer Park (3650 maizeland road, colorado springs, co 80909). the entrance is on Maizeland, we should be near the beach volleyball courts in the open field. Darkmoon tries to start to meet around 12:00 and we fight all day, depending on weather.


Palmer Park - corner of Maizeland and Academy, use Maizeland entrance, 12:00 every Saturday near the volleyball courts.

Contact:Totem Kyan


Darkmoon is on Facebook!

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