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A defunct Shire of the Burning Lands, located in Alamogordo, NM.




Dark Cloud was a splinter group formed in the same town as the already established park, Shadowvale. This schism forced the intervention of the Burning Lands BOD, who declared that if the chapters could not resolve their own issues, the BLBOD would step in and resolve them [1]. In February of 2003, they did just that, dissolving both chapters and forming Dark Hold.

"Shadowvale has been in Alamogordo for ten years and has, in that time, been sponsored by three different kingdoms, alienated much of the local community (a no-no in a small town like Alamogordo), driven most of its good members to Dragonspine or other lands, and been thrown out of two kingdoms. Some members of Dragonspine who lived in Alamogordo hooked up with some Shadowvalers to form the Shire of Dark Cloud, which meets across town from Shadowvale. The BLBOD says two groups can't survive in a town this small and has taken control of their elections in an effort to resolve the issue. Population: 35,582." Excerpt from the Electric Samurai


Contacts and Directions

This park is now defunct.

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