Dagon Solaris

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Man At Arms Dagon Solaris, of Skywatch, Kingdom of The Golden Plains

”"Balance is the ultimate ideal. Order, Chaos, Life, Death, all are required for true Balance of the Cycle.” Heraldry-Dagon.jpg


In Character Solaris is the Avatar of Dagon, and sacrificed his entire civilization to become such. He single handedly brought about an apocalyptic event, opening a chasm in the earth to the undersea pocket dimension of his master, the dark god Dagon. Upon his race being made extinct, Dagon merged with him, granting him the new, lizard-like form he has today. Since that day, he has been known as Dagon Solaris, Father of the Earth, due to being merged with a form of Dagon that combines elements of HP Lovecraft and traditional Sumerian mythology.

Out of Character Solaris found Amtgard in late 2014, playing at the Duchy of Sun Fall Abbey. He played there through December of 2018, before moving to the County of Skywatch. Primarily playing Druid or Assassin, Solaris aspires to what he calls Paragon Hunter. In late 2017, Solaris founded his own boffersmithing workshop, Solaris Craftworks, to further his goals of Master Owl and provide a path to improve his foam work. Solaris aspires to eventually join the peerage as a Knight of the Flame, Serpent, and Crown. He is a Man at Arms to Sir Monkey

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2nd Order of the Rose
  • 2nd Order of the Owl
  • 4th Order of the Dragon
  • 4th Order of the Smith
  • Author of The Elemental Monastery
  • Man at Arms to Sir Monkey


Sir Monkey - (Serpent/Sword)

~~People that just want to be apart of the family~~


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