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The Shire of Daemon Haven

The Shire of Daemon Haven in Crystal Groves, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania




Daemon Haven was founded in late 2009 by Syr Wolfen, Dame Julz, Lord Raziel, and Baron Cerberus.

The peoples of Eagle Valley, Hell's Gate, and Outlaw Point. All meet here, the past in the past we build a future together. Daemon Haven became a shire of the kingdom of Crystal Groves in 2010. The chapter was featured on the local news in 2011


If you cannot come to Daemon Haven.. Daemon Haven will come to you.

Removed from the Kingdom of Crystal Groves for inactivity in dec 2015


Sheriff: Lord Kallador Von Hellscream

Regent: Woman-at-Arms Trenth

Champion: Baron Cerberus St. Beast

Prime Minister: Lady Jilyana Von Hellscream

GMR: Syr Wolfen Penitent del Khahli du Chevalier


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Contacts and Directions

We meet in Carlisle, Pennsylvania along I-81 exit 45 or the College St. Exit. We meet sundays in thornwald park which is less than a quarter mile from the exit ramp. The address would be 442 Walnut Bottom Road Carlisle, PA 17013.


This chapter page is maintained by Kallador and Potato. Thanks guys!

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