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Amtgard Chapter
The Crossways
Kingdom Wetlands.gif The Kingdom of The Wetlands
Status Shire
City Houston, Texas
Park Lynn Eusan Park
Meets on Mondays 4:00pm Thursdays 4:00pm
Founded 2018
Active Active


The Shire of The Crossways, in the Kingdom of the Wetlands located in Houston, Texas


Established in the Fall of 2018, The Shire of The Crossways is the youngest park of the Wetlands made up of the newest members. They were able to win Amtgard Food Fight 2018 in the Wetlands their first time participating earning a total of $3,290.



Reign II Schedule

December- TBD

January- TBD

February- CW A&S: Dragon Master Completion Night- February 28th

March- Midreign- March 4th

April- "Fools Fest"- April 1st

May- TBD

Contacts and Directions

We meet every Monday at Lynn Eusan Park from 4-7, with a fighter practice hosted on Thursdays at Lynn Eusan Park from 4-7.

Primary Address:

Lynn Eusan Park
University of Houston
University Dr
Houston, TX 77204

Secondary Address:

MacGregor Park
5225 Calhoun Rd
Houston, TX 77021

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