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An Outpost of Wolvenfang under , located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.



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Citadel's Shadow is an outpost of the Duchy of Wolvenfang. All player records and issues are handled by Wolvenfang Officers. The park idea was originated in the early fall of 2005 and was designed as a "second option" for Wolvenfang players who could not attend the main Wolvenfang field, but is inactive most of the year.

The Citadel's Shadow outpost has moved several times to meet the demands of the various players in and around the Sudbury area. Such areas included but were not limited to: The Sudbury Bell Park Amphitheater, Memorial Park, Dell St. Park & McKim Park.


Contacts and Directions

As the site seasonally changes location, please refer to the Wolvenfang forums for its current location.


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