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Grand Duke Sir Chewie Lightguard of The Duchy of Stormwall.

”Rule of thumb, if she isn't 21, then it doesn't matter she's 12!”

chewiesheraldry.gif roger_raiders_th.gif

Grand Duke Sir Chewie Lightguard at PSIII


Wookie of the Wetlands

Affiliated Groups

A member of Roger's Raiders.

Belted Family

Chewie has at least one former Squire, Ritsar Misteslaus who has at least one Squire who has become a knight, Sir Dughan

Chewie's other Squires are Admiral Ozymandias De Mandaloria knighted, Lord Plague, Rai Wolfborn Kenlyl.

Notable Accomplishments

Chewie had served 3 reigns as Monarch of the Kingdom of the Wetlands. He has also been Kingdom Regent of the Wetlands.

Local offices held have been Multiple terms as Grand Duke of STORMWALL , Duke , champion, regent, prime minister.

  • Member of the JLFM

Court during Chewie's reign as king. His wife Elora is sitting to his right.

Additional Images

Chewie and Sponge at PSIII
Chewie fighting with Spyn at Stormwall ChewieTeaching.jpg
Chewie teaching newbies at Mushroom Shrine on how to build a weapon.

More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

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