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Sir Boots, Current Captain of the Nighthawks

"Stick him in the Ding-Ding"




Boots is one of the Matriarchs of Women's Fighting. Only Tawnee has more firsts.

Group Affiliations

The Nighthawks
Household: La Cosa Nostra
House Morrigan

Belted Family

Before Boots was knighted she was squire to Sir Cabal

Current Squires - Squire Arklon, Squire Sttar, Squire Ragnar, Squire Graileon, Squire Briar Fox

Former Squires -Sir Warblade, Sir Ashe, Sir Nakita, Sir Monkey, Tey, Stormie, TuSocks, Zander, Vorn.

Sir Cabal

1. Sir Boots- Sword, Serpent, Crown, Flame

2. Sir Infinity - Sword

3.Sir Slyddur Rahbet- Flame, Crown

Notable Accomplishments

First Woman Warlord, First Woman Knight of the Sword, first female Champion of the Kingdom of Golden Plains.

Additional Images

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