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DoublePage Bloosephine Bloosus, son of Blooseph, Von McNussenstein Tetsulian-Stormtide (Bloo), of Querna Tema, Rivermoor

Kite nuuuuuuu...” ”This is fine. ...”



Bloo began on a warm February day in 2017 after being pulled out by her friend Fuzz. She's since dived in face first with surprising fervor, travelling all over the country, fighting folks, making stuff, and all around being the bubbliest person you've probably ever met. Hit her up for slick makeup tricks.

Fancies herself a Kitsune.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Wings of the Dawn

Belted Family

Bloo is paged to both Count Lauxus Stormtide and Archduke Romku by rites of nobility.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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More Information

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  • Personal Website
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