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a former chapter of the Celestial Kingdom, once located in Woomera S.Australia.

Come and say, "I've played at an Amtgard field 100 miles from Mundania!"




We were located in Woomera, South Australia, which is way out in the outback. The desert surrounding us is called the "Donga" hence our name. Our flag is Maroon and Yellow to symbolize the red and yellow dirt and rock in where we have made our homes. They also elude to the sun and great heat we endure. The Six Stars represent the six founding members on our first day, with the small star being their spark of The Dream Of Amtgard. They are arranged in the shape of The Southern Cross, which dominates the night sky down under. The stars also link us with our parent kingdom, The Celestial Kingdom. The arrow or bolt brings the Woomera area into the picture, as it represents the rocket range which was here several years ago. (Come visit the museum.) It also shows we intend on keeping our land through bitter fights and struggles, as well as points high into the sky, as our dreams do.


Our Shire was claimed by Lyceaon de Wolfe Hunter and Larken LeSabre in the name of the Celestial Kingdom, and have since became a Barony.

The Barony of the Barren Donga was once a thriving land of the Amtgard Universe. However, the town in which the Barony was born has closed and become an installation for Australian Immigration Refugees. Its members have been scattered to the four points of the compass, but the dream lives on.

Letter from the Sheriff of Barren Donga to the Celestial Kingdom.

The Southern Cross] Newsletter

Barren Donga map.gif


Contacts and Directions

  • Monarch: Lyceaon de Wolf Hunter ( -
  • Regent: Erastus Agate
  • Prime Minister: Larken LeSabre
  • Champion: Tel Janin Grymm (


  • Email:

Meets: Breen Park - 10:00 am, Saturdays


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