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Aster Imperatora, Sainted Mother, of Hel's Gate, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”WHY are you in that tree? Get down! Wait, I have my camera - get back in the tree really quick. NOW GET DOWN!”

Aster Imperatora
Aster Briggna.jpg
Sword wing star 3.jpg
Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Started 2017
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Only a year into Amtgard, Aster picked up a sword on December 10th, 2017. 6 weeks later she was competing in a kingdom level tournament and investing weekly in her park. As the oldest woman at her park, she has taken on the role of 'Park Mom', not only because of her tendency to mother hen her parkmates, but also because her own son was a member of the park and is making a name for himself at his new park in Rising Winds.

Though she hails from a well-known fighting focused park, she feels strongly about the A&S aspects, and RP which has led her to make weapons, garb, and assist in hosting events. Because of her dedication to G!G! and A&S, she pursued the vacant Regency and enjoyed that for a short time until she had an unfortunate promotion to Baroness-by-default until the unanimous vote to join their sister park, HH.

Aster is dedicated to making her park, and her kingdom, a safe, inclusive, and fun place for everyone who wants to throw foam or create amazing things. Having a chronic illness prevents her from always fighting as hard as she wants, and so she brings support to intervals, park time, and Amtgard at large. She wants to show everyone that if they love the game, that they bring value, no matter what their skills, drive, limits, or abilities are.

She participates in online RP, largely in the Crystal Groves or "Bastiontown" and has a number of characters. She also enjoys playing a variety of classes on park days, including Assassin, Healer, and Monster.

Affiliated Groups

Team Role-Play MidAtlantic Amtgard
CG Dojo
House Lionesse
House Fierce
Crimson Tide of Amtgard

Notable Accomplishments

Received three level 1 orders within one month of joining
6th seed in her first Kingdom Level Tournament in Florentine category

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