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Squire Artemis, of Gryphon's Perch, Kingdom of The Rising Winds

"IT FEELS LIKE TINY HAMMERS!"-orko "Sorry buddy, bros before hos. I'll see you later."-Artemis "You hear that kids? Everytime dishes clink, a soup knight gets their belt."-Artemis "Congrats Smurf! You're officially the RW Cock Sucking champion! Be prepared to defend your title next year. Tug might have ya beat."-Artemis




Daughter of Io, The Great. Her favorite class is scout, with a bow.

Otherwise known as "Tardimis"

Primarily fights Belegarth now. Known there as "The Last Unicorn" or "Unicorn" for short.

Affiliated Groups

  • RWMW (Rising Winds' Most Wanted)
  • Critter and the Hot Chicks
  • Vice President of The Io Fan Cub :)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Elected Prime Minister for The Barony of Ashen Hills in September 2007.
  • Mud wrestled and lost to Quynn sunday after Western Gate spring coronation April 2008
  • Elected Prime Minister for The Barony of Ashen Hills in June 2008.
  • Elected Kingdom GM Scout of The Rising Winds in June 2008.
  • Elected Baroness for The Barony of Ashen Hills in March 2009.

Additional Images


Getting told twice


GenCon '08.


New Fighting Garb *Already christened with blood from battle*

More Information

  • Belegarth Wiki[1]

"Wait... people can ride trains?"-Artemis

"From now on your name is Princess Bo Jangles, Artemis."-Moob

"So a pirate and a ninja walk into a Subway..."-Quynn

"YAHH, BITCH, YAHH!!! (YAHH DITCH YAHH!!!)"-Artemis, Tempest, Quynn, Bighead, Smurf

"Since when does it snow in St.Louis?!? This is the far south. WTF."-Artemis

"Woah! Headshot! Wait, you're okay?"-Taver Firestrike On Artemis taking an arrow to the face.

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