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Uther Avalonian Ark, of Wickerwood, in Celestial Kingdom

”Ehh, It's fine, I've had worse”
”Don’t let fear run your life, or you’ll never live life.”


The adventurer known as Uther Avalonian, known by his peers as simply Ark. Hails from Wickerwood although not always so. His journey began in the far northern reaches of the Kingdom of Dragonspine. He learned a great deal of many things there, in the little time he was in that kingdom, knowledge that he seeks to share in the southern most part of the Celestial Kingdom.

Uther Avalonian is a kind and gentle soul, although most will never see that side of him. He was forged in the field of battle with a firm hand of discipline and survival tactics. That is the only life he knows so he is always guarded. Those closest to him, know his true honorable nature and acknowledge his reliability.

Uther is always down to go on any adventure with his party.
Marix Alteel
Bel O’Donna
Eres Nightowl

Uther has no issues laying down his life for the sake and wellbeing of the party. “What is one life, for the greater good?” His unyielding iron will has gotten him into many of troubles, but it is also what gets him out of it. He is the hammer that will nail the nail to the board no matter the nail if it takes one hit, or a million over the course of days, it will go in!!

Affiliated Groups

The Legionnaires


Duke of Wickerwood during the winter of 2016.

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