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With joint agreement between myself, Fog (Monarch), and Weasel (Prime Minister) the member Arion Reinquist (Mark Pickett) is suspended for a term of 1 month after which he will be restricted from our organization’s social media pages for a term of 2 months.
This suspension has been updated to indefinite under CoC 1 and 6 for the reason of making veiled threats against officers acting in good faith.
The CoC 1 & 6 with an indefinite duration has been reviewed and given an expiration date of March 12th 2019 by joint agreement of myself and KPM Sir Weasel. Which makes the full term 6 months from the date it was instated.

Grand Duke Sir Arion Reinquist of Traitor's Gate, CK.

”You can tell the caliber of a leader, by the leaders he creates; my squires became kings, their squires became kings. What's your legacy?”



Two time Monarch of the Celestial Kingdom reigns 10 and 26. Arion's line has spawned more Monarchs than any other in the Celestial Kingdom's history. His Squires Father Thomas(16 and 34), Zodiac (reign 16), Ween (reing 30), Spearweasel(reign 25) and Linden (reign 33) have all reigned, as well as his Grandsquires, Medryn (IM reign 30), Bromhir (reign 29), Thun (Reign 32) and Colonel (reign 27 and 28). All told Arion and his squires account for Twelve out of thirty four reigns of the CK and one in the Iron Mountains.


Pictured with his former Squire Father Thomas

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Church of Dunglen, a member of Annihalus.

Belted Family

Arion was squired to Welrick (Zircon) before he was welcomed into the peerage. Arion has many notable former squires including; Father Thomas, Zodiac, Ween, and Linden. Also many notable current squires including Spearweasel and Aris.

Notable Accomplishments

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