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Amoreth Lanashi, of Mourningwood Glen of the Emerald Hills

"Our profession does not designate who we are; we are remembered for our hobbies." ~ William Kinnard Sr.

"Amtgard--it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle."

"I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone else's blood and I have no problem with going out the same way." ~ Retired Soldier


As any with eyes can see, this page is under construction. I am tired of looking at it the way it is now.


  • Joined Amtgard in January of 2008.

I used to attend the park at Mourningwood Glen, though I've become a bit scarce around there. It's been.. let's see, six weeks now?

I'm not worth much for fighting, but I am an amazing artist and writer. ( I once filked a song for a group I used to be quite fond of. ) That having been said, I 'quit' Amtgard with no notice to persue something much more satisfying. I've done that, I believe, in finally completing my book. I might be out to the park again soon, but just for a bit of outdoor time. Whoo.

Let's see, any other random information? Oh! I should win a title of 'The Undecided'. Aye, that'd do nicely.


Amusing Quotes~

"Fight real dirty and run like a booger." ~ Charlie Kinnard

"I don't get mad; I get even." ~ Tina Kinnard

"For pony!" ~ Richard, LFG

"Look what happens when you save little girls; you have to chase them down hallways!" ~ Forsaken Fiora

"Oh yes, we all know how easy it is to spontaneously resurrect ourselves." ~ Tirakh

"Be optimistic! The people you hate will all die sooner or later." ~ Amaliia Lockhart

"You don't want to sit your child on your knee and say, 'You're going to grow up to kick the ass of our lord and savior!' That's pressure." ~ Tobo

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