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Alkaris Ravenor of Crimson Sanctum, Westmarch, Dragonspine

Meh, it's only a condom.

Alkaris Armor.jpg


A warrior who lost far too many credits to the early days of Crimson Sanctum's high school career. Creator of the Jackson Hunt.

Affiliated Groups

Text to come.

Notable Accomplishments

In September 2008, scored second place overall at Feast of Mars IV.

In December 2008, was appointed Champion Pro-Tem (to serve December 2008 - March 2009) after the prior officer resigned.

In September 2009, was elected Chancellor Pro-tem, but vacated the position in October 2009 to go to Recruit Training at Camp Pendalton for the United State Marine Corps.

Additional Images

Alkaris FoM4.JPG
Alkaris puts up a valiant fight at Feast of Mars IV.

Ren faire.jpg
Alkaris gets carried away with enthusiasm at Ren Faire.

More Information

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