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a chapter of Sakura Moon Shogunate , located in Jacksonville, Fl.



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Aka Hayashi is a BOFFER Group connected to the SME.... The Aka Hayashi clan is the first clan in the Sakura Moon Empire, formed to the north in Jacksonvile....It was started by a player within the SME of whom lived in the North but traveled south to fight and practice with other groups, such as Red Mangetsu.

Aka Hayashi is in no way using the term AMTGARD to explain their particular boffering sport.... The leader of the clan itself has had nearly 8 years of Karate as well as many years of Kendo, all trained under a REAL Sensei.

This clan does not fight using Amtgard rules or Amtgard approved weaponry. Their combat system and weaponry are still safe, but they each have been trimmed up to make the fighting more up-tempo and intense

The clan is merely four months old as well and stands at roughly 15 members'

--AH representative.


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