Aeris Lockheart Kinderd

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Duchess Squire Aeris Lockheart Kinderd, of Darkmoon, Iron Mountains

”We are Amt-Guardians, not just Amtgarders”


Aeris began her Career in Darkmoon of The Iron Mountains Back in 2012.

Affiliated Groups

Aeris is one of the Founding Members of Angry Sky Fighting Company and currently holds Council Head of The Serpent for the Company.

Belted Family

Aeris is Squired to Medryn

Notable Accomplishments

IPM of The Iron Mountains 2014-2015

Auto-Crat of Rakis 2015 & 2016

Empress of The Iron Mountains Fall 2015 (Reign 48)

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Orkicon2.gif
  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

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