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a defunct freehold Chapter, located in Kincheloe, Michigan

(from their Website) We are currently petitioning the Kingdom of Golden Plains and we should know something more on that soon. (all plands have been put on hold as we just don't have the people to do much)

We are a hodge podge of Character Races, strongly influenced by our Drow Sheriff (a Drow Sheriff ?!?) Check back for further info as the situation escalates. ***As of right now we're not doing much, as we do not have the players needed to do much, so we just hang out and do some silly things. Like kill your killer.***

We may have some new players coming soon as the Rec. center here is looking for things for the high school kids to do.




Defunct by 2005.


Contacts and Directions

We are still forming and need more people before we can setup times and a place to play. at this time we are having SOME Sunday Fighter practics at about 1pm. Call for the location.

For information on other chapters in Amtgard look here

No - Ork

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