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A chapter of Westmarch, located in Berkeley, California. Meets Noon on Sundays at Codornices Park.

Amtgard Chapter
Wyvern's Spur
Kingdom Westmarch
Status flurby
City Berkeley
Park Codornices Park
Meets on Sundays noon to ??
Founded 2001
Active Active


[edit] History

from foamwar.com: Land of the Wyvern's Spur was established in April of 2001. The original group that laid claim over the Berkeley Marina was known as the Land of the Burning Gnome. When the veterans that made up the older land left it to the next generation, it was renamed.

The founders of Wyvern's Spur were known as Tevacious, Aldin, Nivek and Sodar.

At one point a chapter under the Kingdom of Blackspire

One of the founding lands of the Northern California Confederacy, which later became the Kingdom of Westmarch.

In July 2011, Wyvern's Spur moved from Sundays at Cesar Chavez Park to Saturdays at Codornices Park. Wyvern's Spur also self-demoted to Shire. This was done by the few remaining members as both a symbolic new start to the park, as well as transfer to a new location that might have better recruiting opportunities. After dropping down to 2 regular members (Lord Azus and Baron Thistledown), the land in summer of 2012 saw a rebirth. This rebirth coincided with the 2 regulars both hitting 3rd level healer and expending 8 ressurections per game on the ground. By winter of 2012, Wyvern's Spur frequently had 10-15 people a week (compared to zero the entire month of October 2011), some days 5 or more people walking up and joining for the day. The return of some long term players (Seth, and Ka'a) boosted numbers, fighting skill, and garb.

[edit] People

Lord Azus

Seth Adma

BaronThistledown Notagnome







Lesser Thane Glyn Aidan



Delu Maethor








Lord Douchebag

[edit] Current Monarchy

(as of May 2014)

[edit] Sublands

I forget what year this started! One year, Ashen Spire went on a visitation kick, travelling to the various lands in Northern California, invading them, and conquering them. The day they invaded Wyvern's Spur, there was a terrible storm, and those few brave souls who defended the land received the Order of the Hurricane. They were also brutally slaughtered. Ashen Spire laid claim to Wyvern's Spur, and dark days ensued. The remaining populace was enslaved by the evil taskmasters of Ashen Spire, and forced to build roller coasters. The taskmasters soon forgot about subjects. Months later, Azus visited their land, and by means of owning too much shit, laid claim to Ashen Spire as a subland of Azusistan (by means of raising more banners then Ashen Spire could). Later, at an Emergency Allthing called by Azus at a Westmarch Day, where members of Wyvern's Spur outnumbered members of Ashen Spire, a vote was held in which it was decreed that Ashen Spire was a subland of Wyvern's Spur. This vote was unanimous. Unfortunately the only person to remember this even is Azus. Go figure.

Azus, in early 2012, also laid claim to Diablo's Cauldron, by means of showing up at their park and being the only Amtgarder there. Some claim that this invasion was not successful and should not count, partially as there was no battle, and partially as Diablo's Cauldron might have moved to a different park.

In 2013, tired of Ashen Spire still laying claim to Wyvern's Spur and demanding we build more roller coasters, and invading army was raised. As the invasion date came closer, numbers dropped and the invading army was more of a raiding party. Bu the day of the actual invasions, the number of armed warriors had dropped to two; and after the wind prevented proper raising of the colors, it was more of paying tribute to our overlords instead of battle.

[edit] Houses and Fighting Groups

  • The Drunkards (mostly inactive - This is not the Drunken Wyvern group)
  • House of Athena

[edit] Directions

Starting July 17th 2011, we meet at Codornices Park in Berkeley, across from the Rose Garden. We meet noon on Sundays near the bathroom south of the big slide; about 12:30 we'll head to one of the many little fields / clearings around the park.

To get to Codornices Park: Go up University Avenue, and turn left at campus onto Oxford. Take the first right at Hearst. Turn left at the second light onto Euclid. Codornices Park will be on your right a little after you start climbing the hills and as the road gets somewhat twisty. Parking can be interesting.

Google Map

[edit] Contacts

Park Forums.jpg on caamtgard

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azus_ws at yahoo

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