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The Principality of Winter's Edge


The Principality of Winter's Edge is an active division of Amtgard in the South Eastern United States. They are a confederation of groups with chapters in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Principality of Winter's Edge is housed underneath the great Kingdom of Neverwinter, based out of Florida. It was created in September 2003.


Groups of Winter's Edge

  • Mechia, Shire of - White House, TN


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Winter's Edge is an alliance of a number of Amtgard Chapters in the central southeastern United States, banded together towards the goal of creating an Amtgard Kingdom in this area. Formerly known as the Central Eastern Alliance.

Sponsored as a Principality by the Kingdom of Neverwinter, it functions in many ways as its own kingdom.

A history of officers can be found here:


Upcoming Events

MARCH 2017 (25) WE Spring Quals @360 Harvestwood Ct, Madison, AL 35758 • Cultural Tourney & Warmaster

APRIL 2017 (28-30) Spring Coronation @Fall Creek Falls, TN

AUGUST 2017 (11-13) Midreign @Cumberland Centre, Columbia, TN 3407 Gillespie Ln, Columbia, TN 38401

SEPTEMBER 2017 Quals @Chattanooga, TN

OCTOBER 2017 (13-15) Fall Coronation @Cumberland Centre, Columbia, TN 3407 Gillespie Ln, Columbia, TN 38401


Our primary mode of communication is through the Winter's Edge Facebook group. Please join us through the link below.

We also hold periodic communication through our Discord server. Please join us at

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