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The Principality of Winter's Edge

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The Principality of Winter's Edge is an active division of Amtgard in the South Eastern United States. They are a confederation of groups with chapters in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Principality of Winter's Edge is housed underneath the great Kingdom of Neverwinter, based out of Florida. It was created in September 2003.


This image slightly out of date.

Groups of Winter's Edge


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Winter's Edge is an alliance of a number of Amtgard Chapters in the central southeastern United States, banded together towards the goal of creating an Amtgard Kingdom in this area. Formerly known as the Central Eastern Alliance.

Sponsored as a Principality by the Kingdom of Neverwinter, it functions in many ways as its own kingdom.

A history of officers can be found here:


Upcoming Events TBA

Contacts and Directions

Winter's Edge Website

For information about Winter's Edge, contact one of the officers above, or visit us on our Yahoo or Facebook sites listed below.

Winter's Edge has a Ventrilo server. This is an easy way to communicate with other people and parks in the principality. For those unfamiliar with Ventrilo it is a voice and chat communications program which can be downloaded at

Once you have the program you'll need the following information: You'll need a microphone connected to the computer in order to talk, but it is not necessary to chat using text. Just click on the "chat" button once you get in. Those with a microphone will also have to click "chat" to see what your typing.

First click on the 'User Name' field and enter the name you want displayed once you enter the server.

Setting up the server info.

  1. . Click on the arrow to the right of the server field.
  2. . Click the 'New' Button and name the server ( winters edge is fine )
  3. . Enter in the 'host name or ip field'.
  4. . Enter 3892 in the 'Port number' field
  5. . No Password

There will be 5 boxes to the left with check makes in them. Just leave them alone and click the 'OK' button.

Now just click the connect button and your in.

The only thing I ask is that if you do hop on you stay in the Winters edge room. If it becomes needed I can make a few more winters edge rooms for smaller conversations.

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