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[edit] Werebird

[edit] Description:

Werebirds come in a variety of avian forms, representing all manner of scavenger and hunting birds, from Werecrows to Werefalcons. Of all the Lycanthropes, werebirds demonstrate the greatest control over their disease, often shifting form during daylight hours or when the mood strikes. Nocturnal werebirds are generally evil-tempered sneaks, while their high-flying daytime cousins tend to be rapacious hunters.

[edit] Garb:

Feathered mask, garb and/or wings in the style/color of the bird you are emulating.

[edit] Type:

Mystical Beast

[edit] Q/M Ratio:


[edit] Armor:

One point Natural

[edit] Weapons:

Two short swords (Natural)

[edit] Immunities:

Control, Subdual

[edit] Natural Lives:


[edit] Abilities & Traits:

[edit] Levels:

Monster List

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