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Duke Squire Thurg A$AP Ironfist (Sweet T) of Midnight Sun, Emerald Hills, Defender of the Golden Plains

Thurg's Company Heraldry
Home Park Midnight Sun
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 2006
Noble Title Duke/Defender
Belt Status Squire

"Time to get Radical"
"Southside Da Realest"
"Goddamn I love Franzia"

"I'm at a freind of a friend of a friend's house...I don't know how I got here"



Thurg Ironfist Started His Amtgard career at the Dark Oasis in 2006 under the name Arturius, he would not be seen again until 2009 and Later that year He Founded the fighting Company The Tribe of the Elk, consisting of Barbarians and Warriors. Later that year after disbanding The Tribe of the Elk, he formed The Legion of the Black Cross a fighting company based on squad tactics with a dark Templar feel. At the one year mark of being back in the game, he became the first elected Count of Dark Oasis. after serving Golden Plains for many years he now resides in Brightforge in the Emerald hills.

Thurg's Heraldry

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • Thurg is addicted to Franzia
  • Thurg once mated with a bear, to concieve his child and holy hier, Three Piece
  • Thurg once climbed Mount Vesuvius, then it erupted.
  • Thurg invented flight.
  • Thurg and Three Piece are known as the Bash bros.
  • Thurg fought the law, and Thurg won.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Thurg is currently a Squire of Sir Otto VonMuller

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Dragon given by King uther Winter 2013
  • First Elected Count of Dark Oasis - Spring, 2010
  • First Elected Duke of Dark Oasis - Spring, 2011
  • Master Barbarian - Awarded by Golden Plains August, 2010
  • Sluffed a Prius on the way home from a CK Coronation.
  • Santa Supreme- Cervantes annual Christmas gala 2010
  • Drunken iron man- Spring War 2011
  • Winner of Golden Plains Food Fight tourney 2011
  • Defender title given by Sir Otto, March 24th 2013
  • Duke title given by King Uther Ironfist August 24th 2013
  • Dark Oasis - Weaponmaster - Winter 2011 (27 kills in a row)
  • Dark Oasis - Weaponmaster - Spring 2012
  • Dark Oasis - Weaponmaster - Winter 2012
  • Skywatch - Weaponmaster
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains Warmaster
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains Warmaster
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains Warmaster
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains Weaponmaster (27 kills in a row)
  • Awarded second place in the August 2015 Best of the Best A&S tournament in the Golden Plains

Positions Held

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More Information

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