The Locks

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The Locks, Barony

A Barony of the Kingdom of the Crystal Groves, located in Chesapeake, Virginia



Formerly known as Lorenia.



Sheriff: Bastion Salamance

Regent: Aislynn Lucratz

Prime Minister: Marius Valarius

Champion: Bran

Guild Master Reeves: Silver Rathalos, Esquire

Herald: Attaray Halt

Glisters Master: Elbereth Galanadel

Contacts and Directions

Sundays: Noon until tired

Great Bridge Lock Park
100 Locks Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322

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When you turn in, you'll arrive at a small parking area with a road leading to the right. Follow that road into the docking area and there is parking. We are at the first pavilion.

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Amtgard Chapters within the Kingdom of Crystal Groves
Kingdom Seat: Crystal Groves Proper

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