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A Barony of Polaris , located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Amtgard Chapter
Frostlands shield.png
Frost Lands
Kingdom Rising Winds
Status Barony
City Oshkosh, WI
Park Art Lecker Park
Meets on Sundays 1 pm
Founded 2001
Active '



Kingdom of Rising Winds

The Frost Lands is the second Amtgard park formed in Wisconsin, declared about two weeks after Three Rivers in La Crosse WI. Both started around the same time, but neither park knew about the other until their announcements that they were active.

Dates of importance:

The first meeting of the Frost Lands was on June 16, 2001. The meeting consisted of three members, Donnovan Sunrider, Groan Mooncaller and Thomas Blackmoore.
The meeting was at Donnovan's house.
The name Frost Lands was thought of by Thomas.

Plamann park was decided on as a primary meeting place as of June 30, 2001.




Baron: Vitalen
Regent: Naivara
Prime Minister: Lennox
Champion: Fezzik of the Frostlands
Guildmaster of Barbarians: Fezzik of the Frostlands

For past reigns please see: Frost Lands Officers

Contacts and Directions

Meets every Sunday at 1 pm at Peabody Park.
548 N Green Bay Rd, Appleton, Wisconsin 5491

Current events

Where the wind blows cold, the fire in the heart burns hottest.

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