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A Barony of Crystal Groves located in Catonsville, Maryland.


BC pic.jpg

Photo by Toya (KC White) from the June 2015 Bitter Coast Coronation - Goblins of the Salty Shore



The Barony of The Bitter Coast is a break-off park from the Barony of Solstice, and was started by Sir Darva Oakstake in 2005. Bitter Coast spent its first 10 years under the banner of the Kingdom of Goldenvale. In October 2015, the Kingdom of Crystal Groves voted to admit The Bitter Coast into the kingdom. We are an active chapter, and average between 10-20 players a week during the Spring and Fall, and 5-10 during the Summer and Winter.

Current Officers

Fighting Companies



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Notable people include:


Bitter Coast meets at The Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Branch on the multi-use field, right next to the softball field. We meet every Saturday starting around 1pm, and go until we get tired and go home (at least 4:00pm).


More Information

  • Contact: Celwyn 410-903-0701
  • Contact: Stephiroth 410-960-3362
  • Webpage.jpg, complete with details on what we're up to right now.
  • Facebook logo2.jpg
  • 75px-Orkicon.gif

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