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1) Steel River in North Little Rock is active. We range from an average of 16-24+. 2) We meet at 1 p.m. on Sundays and most weeks hava a fighter practice on Tuesday at 5 in Jacksonville. 3) Burns Park in North Little Rock AR, near the girl's softball complex on Funland Drive. 4) Myself and Becca Robinson are the easiest to contact and usually have the info on what's what with SR. Contact away. 5) Our Heraldry is being revised currently. 6) This is our most recent group pic. It was taken in mid April. 7) SR was founded in 2002. The contract holds mine and Phil Larson's Signatures.

We have a few traditions and games that I've not seen n e where else: We have the "three extra hits for dropping your weapon in combat" and "two class game minimum". Games...Amtron, Machine Fight, Mirrored Imps. (prolly a few more) 9) We hadda local free paper do a small piece on us a year or two ago, and nearly had the local Fox station put us on the 5 o'clock news a few times. 10) We attract new players through, flyers, word of mouth, demos (when we can find a decent place to demo), and try to hit up n e festivals around NLR. 11) We raided three parks this year: Trails End, Western Gate, and Soul's Crossing. We won at both TE and SC, but couldn't pull the win out at WG. Still had lotsa phunn.

Hope that helps with any questions about Steel River

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