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The Kingdom of Tal Dagore

The 17th Kingdom of Amtgard, with chapters throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Created by Alona Twotrees


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Updated: 06/30/2017

Please see TD Monarchy past reigns.

Reign Schedule

The People of Tal Dagore


Tal Dagore was once a Principality under the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. In the year 2010 it became the 16th kingdom in the history of Amtgard and began its own story.

The journey to Kingdom

In 2009, the Duchy of Western Gate submitted a bid for kingdom status at the Gathering of the Clans. The circle of monarchs declined the bid and suggested that the group spend a year as a principality to test their ability to work together with it's subgroups. They became a principality by vote of the Rising Winds Circle of Monarchs shortly there after under the name Prinicipality of Western Gate, this was changed some time after to the Principality of Tal Dagore. In 2010 the Principality submitted it's bid for Kingdom status to the circle at Clan XXVIII and was made the 16th kingdom of Amtgard.

The Kingdom of Tal Dagore

In February 2013 the Duchy of Western Gate was removed from the kingdom by an 8-2 Circle of Monarchs vote.


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Amtgard Chapters within Tal Dagore
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