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Spades of the Barony of Aureus Saltus

Spade's Spade
Home Park Aureus Saltus
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2011
Noble Title no
Belt Status none

Spades summer 16.jpg


Spades first stepped out of the shadows and onto an Amtgard field in 2011. Drawn to Crimson Wood by Gale StrongHammer's tales of opportunity to stab people in the back, front, or other parts of their bodies. Attracted most to the social aspect and combat, he was hooked. Shortly thereafter he attended Westmarch Fighter Training in Ashen Spire and learned to suck a little bit less. Sporadically attending when he could, Spades played far less than he should have. At first due to being busy and full of excuses to eventually living in Chicago without access to a park, Spades was inactive nearly 4 years. But he would often pull out his swords when possible to fight and play with friends and family, none of whom truly got it. Eventually returning to Westmarch, Spades was elated to discover that in his absence, Aureus Saltus had formed and was growing near his new home. He's jumped in and started recruiting, learning, fighting, and helping wherever he can. And he's overjoyed to play again.

Spades' deep love for nefarious roleplay extends back to his days playing Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds as a Shadow, Spy, and K'urimja. He brings a lot of that history to his assassin portrayal. Though, due to changes in his mundane life, Spades often finds himself compelled to play a rage filled barbarian. Regardless of his class on field, Spades' weapon of choice is florentine shorts.


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