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Man-At-Arms Rorek Silverlight, of Midnight Sun - Emerald Hills

”Loved by the Light of the Moon, brings Death by the Night's shadows.”



riley_10.png Personal Heraldry


Unknowingly born a descendant of the Aetherian, a divine being merged from the first-borns of the four leaders of the Elemental clans, Rorek has elemorphous powers to where he can become the elements themselves. Brought up in a temple after a priestess discovered him in a field after a village raid, he learned how to control these gifts in secret till the priestesses found out his secret learnings. That was when he was told the story of how he was found by the priestess: Under the light of the harvest moon a glow in a field attracted her attention, when she neared upon it she noticed that the light was coming from the infant under the moon. She believed it was a sign that the goddess bestowed power to the child. Upon him leaving the temple to fulfill his destiny, he stepped into the moonlight and his hair grew silver and he glowed the same way he did that first night. Rorek Silverlight was the name he would go by now. Upon his many travels he met a barbarian by the name of Lucian ÞÓRIR and instantly they befriended each other, and although their fighting styles were very different they fought along side of each other and once Lucian created a mercenary company Rorek instantly joined. The company soon after taking down the tyrants of their homelands, set sights on the once peaceful lands of Midnight Sun. Soon afterward Rorek became Lucian's man-at-arms along with Lerue d'mort. Learning of his heritage from an amulet he found, Rorek sought out guidance from Sir Quintar Woodelven, where he became Quintar's apprentice.

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