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The Kingdom of Rivermoor, spread across the central and northern great plains.




Rivermoor is located in the middle and northern parts of the Midwest with members spread across Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba. Founded in March 2008 after the dissolution of the Rosetta Pact it reformed as the Principality of Rivermoor and has grown to flourish featuring two well attended Duchies; Querna Tema and the Centerpoint as well as the Barony of Gehenna Plains and Duchy of Ivory Tower. Rivermoor also sponsors the lands of Land's End and Wildgard to the North, and also Wyldewind Bridge to the east. At Clan XXXIII, Rivermoor was elevated to Kingdom status becoming the 20th group to do so. The current focus is expanding and solidifying the lands within its borders with a hope to bring Amtgard to every city.

Kingdom status awarded July 25th, 2015 at Clan.
Kingdom of Rivermoor.png

(Image of the signed scroll officially granting Kingdom status.)

Major events

  • Thrones is the Kingdom's Spring Coronation Event.


Petitioning Chapters

Contacts and Directions


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Current officers:

  • [[]]
  • Emperor (King): Romulus Petersen
  • Regent: Matosai Hiromashi Sakura, Viscount
  • Prime Minister: Travis Genghis
  • Guild Master of Reeves: Scott Moore
  • Champion: Salina Moonglow
  • Board of Directors Chairman: Maria Uni Smotherman
  • IKRC Representative: Stephen Morton Goodale


For a history of Rivermoor's leadership, see Rivermoor monarchy.

Board of Directors:

People of Rivermoor

Ecastle battle zpsb1526c6a.jpg
Castle battle at Curse of the Great Pumpkin, 2014 (Attendance 114) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

Summer trials 2014.jpg
Group shot at Summer Trials XII, August 2014 (Attendance 159) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

Summer coronat-May 2014.jpg
Populace sporting Rivermoor Heraldry at summer coronation, May, 2014 (Attendance 101) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

SummerTrials 2013.jpg
Group photo taken at Summer Trials XI, August 24th, 2013. Photo by Ayla Helstaven
photobucket.com - jehendon

Rivermoor Trivia

Current Rivermoor Heraldry: Azure, between Flaunches in pale three Coronets Argent
Current Rivermoor Heraldry: Azure, between Flaunches in pale three Coronets Argent

The heraldry of Rivermoor is based on the three original parks of the principality: Querna Tema, Ivory Tower and Gehenna Plains. At different times they have been interpreted as the symbolic of the leadership hierarchy; 'Your park, your principality and your empire', a nod of the levels of the game; 'Your park, your kingdom, and all of amtgard', or a reminder that we should be always be conscious of the 'past, present and future'.

We conceptualize the River being the I-29 corridor that facilitates fast transportation between all of the parks, save Ivory Tower, which is a quick jaunt down I-80.


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