River's End

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Amtgard Chapter
River's End
Desert winds.jpg
The Kingdom of The Desert Winds
Status Duchy
City Salt Lake City, Utah.
Park Liberty Park
Meets on Saturdays 12pm
Founded 2000
Active Active


River's End

A Dutchy under the kingdom of the Desert Winds


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Originally founded in 2000, as per the Burning lands contract. This chapter runs Salt Wars, an interkingdom event held each spring around early to mid May. This chapter is said to be under Occupation of Legion.

Article on the rebirth of River's End, by Fitz


  • Neobrood – neobrood@gmail.com
  • Loptr – loptr56@yahoo.com
  • Lireal – lireal88@yahoo.com
  • Loup – loupdenoir@gmail.com
  • Pancakes – cullend63@gmail.com

Contacts and Directions

Rivers End meets at Liberty Park at 12 noon on Saturdays, The North East Corner. Please check out our website at www.theriversend.com under the weekly news to be sure we are not trying out a different location on the week you plan on attending. Come and fight with us!

Our Fighters Practice meets on Tuesdays after 5 pm, Liberty Park in the North East Corner, same spot as our regular game days.

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