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The Kingdom of the Rising Winds

Rising Winds

A consortium of numerous chapters in the midwest and Great Lakes regions.


The Lands of the Rising Winds was founded in the summer of 1998 when two established but warring Shires, Windmoor Crossing and Lyons Tomb, allied together under a banner of peace and friendship. This unprecedented union formed a new government, ruled by men and women drawn from the populace of the (now) many Shires currently growing under its protective shadow. Thus, with the gracious aid and sponsorship of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, was born the Barony of the Rising Winds, an independent freehold of Amtgardia nestled firmly in the barbaric wastes of the Midwest. Since the alliance of the two Shires and the addition of several more, the then Barony grew into a Duchy which quickly swelled to over 175 people registered on the books. After much hard work and effort from all her peoples, the Rising Winds was granted Kingdom status by a unanimous vote of the Circle of Monarchs and the Burning Lands Board of Directors at the 20th Gathering of the Clans, July 2002.

In 2005 two Principalities were formed Tal Dagore & Midgard they were functional for almost a year; procedurally they were dismantled back into their respective individual parks. In 2009, following a failed bid for Kingdom by Western Gate, the Principality of Tal Dagore was reformed and subsequently gained Kingdom status the following year at Clan XXVIII becoming the 16th Kingdom.

In November of 2012, the Principality of Polaris defected from the Empire of the Iron Mountains and joined the Kingdom of the Rising Winds; thereafter absorbing the Frost Lands and Ice Haven chapters into the Principality.

An average Rising Winds Coronation or Midreign usually gathers between 250-300 people in attendance without visitors.

Newest Monarchy

-Monarch - Kai RW

-Regent - Gemini Creed

-Prime Minister - Fish

-Champion -Kaio

-Rules Representative - Kaads

-Guildmaster of Reeves - Manama Proster

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